Turning on a Dime

One of the biggest challenges of parenting a child with autism is the ability to turn on a dime:

  • Let go of the agenda
  • Readjust expectations
  • Drop into acceptance

This weekend, I had planned to read in the ski lodge while my son attended his ski lesson, but we never made it to the mountain. 

As we got closer to the mountain, it was clear that my son’s anxiety was in control.

Despite numerous reassurances, he was unable to let the issue go or calm himself down, so I made the difficult decision to cancel the lesson. 

This was a painful deviation from how I expected the day to go, but it was happening.

This is where dropping into acceptance is so important. It does not mean liking what is happening: it means not resisting it because resistance creates more pain. 

Acceptance means being with the pain, feeling it and then deciding what now?

For us, that was lunch at Chipotle.

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