When People Just Get It

There is no better feeling than finding your people.  The people who get it, get your child, get you. 

This is what my son and I have found in STRIDES Adaptive Skiing program. 

The instructor are warm, fun and skilled skiers, but so are the mountain’s regular instructors.  What makes the STRIDES instructors so special is that they understand autism and anxiety.

As I explain my son’s perseverations to them, they nod and smile: they know, they have seen this before in other students and, for some, in their own children. 

  • My son is understood, my son is seen, my son is not alone. 
  • I am understood, I am seen, I am not alone. 
  • I can let go, just for a couple of hours, and let them take over. 

The belief that we are understood and seen is so powerful.  It opens us up, it gives us the courage to take risks, and it enables us to let go, even if it is just for a couple of hours, and let others in.

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